To provide leadership to promote economic growth, professional development and create awareness through the self-determination of our members for the betterment of citizens of Quetta. The visa recommendation letters for various countries are issued. The Certificate of Origin of Export Goods is also issued. Sales Tax Registration forms are attested. The business disputes of our members amongst themselves or with the government departments/ abroad are tackled and resolved. Proposals and suggestions regarding Budget and Taxes are preparedand forwarded to the government for consideration. Represent the chamber in various Government Committies formed for welfare of labour, development of industries, and other related matters. Beside the above, the Chamber, at present, is undertaking following functions; To promote, develop, stimulate and protect the economic interest of Pakistan in general and of those engaged in Industry, Trade, Commerce, Minerals, Transport, Agriculture, Banking, Insurance and Shipping in particular. To consider all questions connected with Trade, Industry, Minerals, Transport, Banking, Insurance, Agriculture, Manufacture, Shipping and Commerceand to initiate and or support neccessaryaction connected therewith. To consider support or oppose legislative or other Governmental measures affecting the economic interest of businessmen and industrialists and also make representations to Government or grievances if any, concerning with the Central Government of Pakistan and the Provincial Government of Balochistanor any local body or authority. To adjust controversies betweeb members of the Chamber. To collect and circulate statistics and other information relating to the Commercial, Industrial, agricultural and Financial interestsof the businessmen and industrialists. To arbitrate in settelment of disputes arising out of commercial transactions between parties willing oragreeing to abide by the judgement and decision of the Chamber. To form a code of practice and facilitate transaction of business and to frame Bye-laws for the Office Bearersand rules and regulations for the staff of the Chamber to carry out the various objects of the Chamber. To communicate with Chamber of Commerce and mercantile or public bodies inside or outside Pakistan and to concert and promote measures for protection of trade, commerce, industry and agriculture. To purchase and construct, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire land and buildings and all other property, moveable or immoveable, which may be deemed ncessary for the purpose of the Chamber. To sell, improve, manage, develop, mortgage, ddispose off or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Chamber. To borrow or raise money for the purpose of the Chamber upon such terms and in such manner as the Chamber may think fit. To subscribe to and become a member of and cooperate with Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry and procure from and communicate with any Chamber and Association of Trade and Industry such information as may be likely to forward the causes of the Chamber. To accept bequest donations or subscriptions towards or to accumulate and provide a fund or endowment or Wakf and to invest the same and apply the income arising there from or resort to the capital thereof, for any object of the Chamber. To aid and to receive aid from other Society, Association, Company, Corporation, Firm, Partnership or Person Promoting or Formed or Intended to Promote any of the object of the Chamber, Corporation, Firm, Partnership, or Person with a view to obtaining any advantage or Society as may be considered from time to time. To subscribe to any local or other charities and to grant donations for any Public purpose and to provide provident or superannuation funds for the servants of the Chamber or otherwise to assist any such servants their widows and children. To draw, accept, endorse cheques, bills, hundies, notes or other negotiable instruments and to invest or operate in the accounts of the Chamber with any Bank or Bankers. To establish a commercial and statistical Library. To remunerate any person or company for services rendered or to be rendered in placing or assisting to place or guaranteeing to place any debentures or other securities of this Chamber. And generally to do all that may be necessary to attain the above objects of the Chamber directly or indirectly and to do all such other things as may be conducive to the development of trade, commerce, industry, agriculture, minerals, transport, shipping, banking and insurance among the businessmen and industrialists in Pakistan.